my fat bike



The Diamant founder Aksel Gresvig was a racing cyclist and founded the company in 1901.  His vision was to take cycling to the people.

This philosophy has been continued by his successors with a focus on lightweight bikes, with high specification components, for the best possible price.

Diamant quietly developed it’s own fat bikes independently of the Alaskan scene (Norway has a lot of snow!) and this has lead to a 3rd generation of products based on designs that are tried and tested.....   By Vikings !!




The Mammut F3 is the top of the line for their Alloy Fat Bikes and scores a heap of modern inclusions. A symetrical 190mm rear end that can easily handle the new 5 inch snow tyres. a 150mm front hub with a thru axle that makes a Bluto fork upgrade a snap. Carbon bars, Deore XT drive line, race proven geometry and an impressive sub 12kg straight out of the box...

All of this for under $3000 makes this one very impressive bike.


The Mammut F4 is a slightly lower spec and sports 135mm front and rear hubs, Shimano Deore drive line and solid lugs for mounting up some  racks and panniers

This has become a very popular 'entry level' Fat Bike for those riders that are adding a fatty to their stable.



A 24 inch wheeled Fat Bike ?

Yep,  Diamant are the first company to bring a 24 inch wheeled fat bike into the country.   This bike (with a rolling diameter between 26" and 27.5") is perfectly proportioned for smaller riders such as women and bigger kids.

Boasting all of the geometry and quality components as its bigger brothers, it's just a matter of time before these beasts are being hoisted on to the podium at XC races.