Our Parts and Accessories are what you need to pimp your fat bike today. 



 We carry everything needed to drive your fatty up hills and across the country. Gearsets, shifters, chains or cranks. We carry SRAM, Shimano, FRM and Surly to name a few ...


 If you want to upgrade your Cr-Mo forks to either Alloy or Carbon, we have what you need here in stock. Save some weight and add a bit of eye candy to your bike.

 Wheel stuff

 Train hard and Race harder ...

But who wants to wreck their super light race wheels while they are out there racking up the training miles? We can build you a second set of wheels for training, or if you feel the urge, we can build some super light tubeless racing wheels for your beast.

Tyres, tyres

Vee Rubber has been quietly producing tires for other brands for more than 30 years, but the company is no longer content to hide in the background. They produce 3 different fat tyre models that come in a number of different sizes. If you need good quality tyres but don’t want to pay around $200 per tyre check out the Vee Rubber range.


 Bars, stems and seatposts

Those all important bits n pieces that are a 'necessary evil' and can add an amazing amount of weight to your bike.

We offer Bars, Stems and Seat Posts in Duralium, Carbon and Titanium to add some 'Bling' and help shed a few hundred grams off your bike.

 Racks and Pannier Bags

If you have the urge to pack your bike and explore this  great country we live in, then we have just what you need.

We stock racks for touring that are made to fit fat bikes, and we also stock pannier bags including the range of Thule bicycle panniers and bags.